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Did Lindsay Lohan Convert To Islam?


Lindsay Lohan isn’t necessarily known for her mental and emotional stability (nor her sobriety), so when ridiculous stories crop up in the press, like the latest that she may have converted to Islam, it can’t automatically be dismissed as it might be with a less unpredictable star. The fact of the matter is, it’s quite possible that Lohan suddenly considers herself to be a Muslim and wants the follow the teachings of the Qu’ran… but it’s really not likely.

The rumor stemmed from the fact that Lohan deleted all the photos of her Instagram feed, leaving a blank page and a bio that reads “Peace be upon you”. Translate that to Arabic and you get “Alaikum salam,” which means she’s definitely converted, right? Well, no, not really.

Apparently this is a big enough issue that Lindsay’s mom Dinah felt the need to speak to Gossip Cop to say Lindsay’s definitely not Muslim now, she’s just taking a social media break. Well, thank God that’s cleared up!