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Best/Worst Dressed from the Globes!

I take my fashion very seriously. And I treated it honestly. Like all art, it’s subjective. So if I like something you hate or hate something you like, have at it in the comments. But these are my opinions.

Lets begin.

Always prepared with a knock out look, SJP slays at the awards. I’m not even a fan of the cold shoulder style, but this is gorg.


Silver was everywhere and that took away a bit from this lovely star covered gem. Emma Stone looks great.



Natalie Portman is pregnant and just like the last time she was pregnant she dressed in the most elegant and graceful manner possible. She’s such a pro.


This is terrible to admit, but I was already to scream WTF when I saw this dress. Then I saw Janelle Monae had it on and I was all “oh that’s great!” … It’s all in the wearer.

This is hands down the best I’ve ever seen Drew Barrymore. Like ever. Forever on my worst list, she currently leads on my best. This  Monique Lhuillier dress is a piece of art.


Even the best artist make mistakes.  I’m talking about Alexander McQueens designers making this dress. I think Nicole just can’t let go to the idea of being an early 20th century stage girl. 2017-01-09 13-09-25

Damn girl! Thandie Newton set the carpet ablaze in this gorgeous white dress that appears on fire with sequins.


Naomie Harris is one tall drink of champagne in this cream and jeweled full length body con dress.


Justins “Can’t Stop the Feeling” is a great song. Jessica’s a beautiful girl. That dress is all kinds of nope. Elie Saab, no less. Expected more out of both.



Seriously, is there a shortage of dye on the west coast? Where’s the color?? Anyway, Chrissy Teigen, we’ve been bff’s for a long time, but that dress is terrible. Kelly Preston, whatever.  Naomi Campbelll, you crazy bitch, that dress is badass. Elsa Pataky… meh. 2017-01-09 13-21-48


Lily Collins, this is real top of the cake stuff here. Gorgeous lacing and finally a color!! Zuhair Murad killed with this dress.


Zoe Saldana is my fashion spirit animal. I never don’t love her choices and they’re alway exciting. And I know a Gucci when I see one. Z, girl, you look amaze!


Felicity Jones also wore Gucci and looked great, but hats off the Carrie Underwood. I love a dress with structure. You’re wearing art. 2017-01-09 13-25-22


I wasn’t even aware Karrueche Tran was anything other than an instagram star, so I’m eating my words. She’s got an emmy! Looks cute too. 2017-01-09 13-26-29

Kerry Washington is ALWAYS on america’s best list. I don’t know what happened here but there’s not a good thing to say about this.


Meanwhile, the other Keri, Keri Russell… the dress is gorgeous, for lunch at the Ivy. This is the Globes.


All winners.   ALL. WINNERS.



The real advantage here is Halie Steinfeld is 20 years old. But she looks like princess of Monaco. Just lovely.



I understand people are torn on the Olivia Culpo Zuhair Murad dress. That’s madness. It, and she, are flawless in this look. That hair, make up, jewelry… she’s looks like Evita. Like a well tweezed Frida Kahlo. Perfect.