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Mariah Carey Seducing Ellen with her Christmas Spirit

Mariah Carey stripped down and brought out the Christmas Spirit on Ellen’s Christmas themed set, where she tried to avoid controversy and focus on what matters – Ellen’s great Christmas decorations.

She’s recently in some docu-series about her favorite subject – Mariah Carey.

Her recent scandal is that she has been trying to get a settlement out of her fiancé James Packer, but apparently he is refusing to pay her, because they were never married. She’s saying that he owes her because he used her star power for business deals, which is what Mariah Carey would assume. But if she was exploited for business deals, she should want a piece of that business, or maybe she should structure a deal before the deal happens. Maybe this is another example of the patriarchy exploiting women. Or maybe it’s just Mariah Carey money hungry.

More interestingly, she avoids the whole conversation on James, but more importantly is also talking about her nude bath photoshoot for instagram. Wild Mariah.