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Snoop Dogg’s Reaction To Kanye’s Concert Rant Is Kind Of Amazing


At this point, Kanye West is pretty much known for his concert rants. It basically wouldn’t be a ‘Ye show without him going off about anything and everything for at least 15 minutes, and it’s a miracle if he actually manages to complete an entire set without rushing off the stage. His gig in Sacramento over the weekend was no exception — he went off about Jay-Z and Beyonce as well as Hillary Clinton before ending the concert abruptly and marching off stage. It sucked for fans who paid to see him, but at least we have Snoop Dogg‘s hilarious commentary to get us through our days.

Snoop took to Instagram to post a series of videos of himself watching the concert footage of Kanye’s rant and it’s… well, it’s what dreams are made of.

I do think Kanye has some serious mental health issues and I have for a while. At the very least, he’s an egomaniac and suffers from delusions of grandeur. It’s a bit sad that no one around him seems to want to step in to encourage him to seek help, so as it stands, I’ll just have to laugh with Snoop…