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The Details of Nick and Mariah’s Settlement 2016-11-17 11-34-46

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon filed for divorce in 2014, but the settlement they recently reached brings some remarkable revelations about the couple’s finances and co-parenting.

The couple shares joint custody of 5-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe, but the tykes reside primarily with Carey, 46. If Cannon, 36, visits, Carey pays for any of his travel and lodging expenses.

The settlement also requires that the children are not to refer to anyone other than Carey and Cannon as their parental figures, which means they’re not allowed to call anyone else mom, dad or any variation thereof.

Cannon is also required to put $5,000 per month in a trust for the twins, but Carey does not have to contribute. Not sure if that’s because she so insanely wealthy or because she’s the primary  caregiver.

The Grammy winner’s declared income for 2014 was $6.3 million while Cannon took home $2.5 million.