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Bob Cranes Murderer to be Revealed! 2016-11-11 10-17-24

The man who viciously murdered Bob Crane, the star of the iconic TV show “Hogan’s Heroes,” may be exposed on TV after a 38 year unsolved mystery.

Crane was bludgeoned to death with a camera tripod in his Scottsdale apartment back in 1978. He and his good friend, John Carpenter, were deep into kinky sex … secretly filming various sexual configurations involving numerous women.

Carpenter was tried for the crime, but DNA was far from perfect then, and the jury found him not guilty because there wasn’t conclusive proof it was Crane’s blood.  Which is why last year Phoenix tv anchor John Hook convinced prosecutors to release enough blood so state-of-the-art DNA tests could be conducted.

The DNA results are in. Hook is mum, but he will reveal the results Monday on the 9 PM news.