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Is This Teacher the Next Co Host of Live with Kelly? 2016-10-28 00-15-32

Some time ago Live with Kelly had a contest on social media and the prize was a day co hosting with Kelly. The winner was a Richard Curtis, a teacher from Perkasie, PA., about 40 miles outside of Philadelphia.  The guy was polished and charming and funny and everyone seemed to really like him. End of story? Nope.

So people liked him so much the show decided to invite him back for a second day. Wait… there’s more. He’s coming back November 7th. That’s sweeps week. That’s a big fucking deal. Big.

And he has more going for him than his apparent ease in front of the camera and enough fans after a day to get a return visit. Producers have to know that they could pay him FAR less than a Doogie Howser or whoever. And every producer loves to save money.

Interesting side note: Fox News host, Megan Kelly is hosting the day after the election.