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What Went Down in Kim K’s Paris Apartment 2016-10-02 23-44-40

The terrifying moments of Kim K Wests night in Paris are unfolding little by little and they get more and more frightening as they come out!

Seems the men, 5 in total, held the concierge at gun point and demanded he take the them to Kims room. The place she was staying at is more like a bed and breakfast for the rich, and not a hotel. So only a handful of staff are required overnight.

Once in the room, the men woke Kim (it was 3am) and dragged her from her bed. At this time she began pleading with the burglars that she was a wife and mother and not to harm her. The men brought Kim around the suite till they had as much jewelry as they could locate. Including her $4 million engagement ring, which she flaunted on social media all weekend.

Once satisfied, the tied Kim up and tapped her mouth closed. She was able to wiggle out after they left and alert others in the hotel to get help.

A source for Page Six says

“She had a person with a gun to her head the whole time. They didn’t bind her hands until the very end until they’d cased everything,” they said. “But they didn’t bind and gag her until the end, just in case they possibly needed her. She was not put into the bathtub until the very end.”

While it’s unclear whether it was an inside job, the friend said they were confident police would find whoever is responsible for the crime.

“We really don’t know, but I will say the French authorities have been doing everything they can,” they said. “They’ve been very thorough during the initial investigation; they were very professional. They did their due diligence and all the proper protocols and Kim felt like they were very invested in figuring out who did this.