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Instagram Now Lets You Filter Out Haters!

Instagram is making it that much easier to share your photos without fear of being ripped to shreds by some bored, angst ridden teen. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom today announced that the company is “taking the next step” to protect its users with the wide launch of a new comment moderation feature.

Referred to as a “keyword moderation tool,” the feature will let each user type in words they find to be offensive, effectively hiding any mention of them in the comment section of their posts. In other words YOU decide what you don’t see.   Perhaps you don’t mind the use of “shit” or “bitch”, but you draw the line at body shaming. You could enter “fat” or “eat a sandwich”.

Instagram already lets users swipe to delete comments, report inappropriate comments and block accounts. And the new feature is simple to set up.  Just go into settings within the app itself, tap comments and turn on “Hide Inappropriate Comments” to turn on the default service, or enter your own words below that. Happy Posting!