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Drew Barrymore launches home decor collection

Drew Barrymore is getting in on the branding business, with the launch of her first home decor collection. Whats curious to me is her choice of where to sell it. I mean we all know Target and H&M have the high end designer market cornered, no doubt. But tell Kohls wouldn’t be thrilled to get a Barrymore bedspread on the shelves?  Instead, the bohemian beauty is selling her wears via As in the online photo processing company.

Peculiar choice, but either way, her little collection was born and can be purchased right now. Everything from Picture frames to pillows to shower curtains.

“As I started throwing inspiration ideas around with the Shutterfly designers, I was also starting the process of redoing my own bedroom,” she said. “I found this piece of fabric at the Rose Bowl that really inspired me, and ultimately, ended up setting the entire tone for my room.”