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“Clue” Is Green Lit As Another Remake Adds To The List


20th Century Fox has reportedly scored the rights to Hasbro’s “CLUE” game with plans for a new film adaptation of the property. The original one is a classic 80’s comedy.

Josh Feldman is producing the new take on the murder mystery board game, this one expanding the playing field to a ‘worldwide mystery’ and introducing action-adventure elements that could kick off the start of franchise. No cast has been arranged.  (I nominate Christina Hendricks for any role available)

This marks one a a zillion remakes of recent and there are more in the works! Like lots more. has compiled a list of 108(!) movie remakes in the works! That’s madness.

Check out the list for hints on upcoming flicks like Ace Ventura, Das Boot, Jacobs Ladder (a fav of mine), Police Academy and the classic rough em up flick, Roadhouse.  Say what you want about remakes, but I’m crazy curious to see what they do with all of them.