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Science is Gaining on the Clone Wars!

Back in 1996 the science world put the fear of god into a lot of people by springing the news they’d cloned a sheep from a batch of mammary gland cells and her name was Dolly.

The bad news? Dolly died relatively young at the age of 6.5 yrs.  The good news is scientists don’t mess around. They did this shit 12 more times.  The University of Nottingham’s Professor Kevin Sinclair has closely watched over 4 of them since they were born in 2007 and they’re doing exceptionally well!


Sinclair (left with sisters Debbie, Denise, Dianna and Daisy) noted, “there have now been 23 species cloned – some quite routinely – including cattle in North America and companion animals in Korea.”

The most vital information learned from decades of research is that clones do not age any more rapidly than organically produced animals.