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Charlie Sheen Opens Up About HIV Diagnosis While Promoting Condoms

charlie sheen

To be honest, I kinda forgot about Charlie Sheen for a while. Like, he didn’t cross my mind for a single second. I suppose that’s in part because the press hasn’t been shoving him down our throats nonstop lately. After he did that tell-all interview and revealed his HIV positive status last year (after pretty much being forced since the press was attempting to out him about it anyway), he just kinda faded off into the background for a while — save for that bonkers interview with the weird physician who injected himself with Charlie’s blood but was sure he wasn’t going to get sick or something. Anyhoo, Charlie’s back, and he’s ready to talk about his condition and also endorse a new brand of condoms!

Lelo Hex claims to be doing something new and innovative with condoms for the first time in 70 years — creating a condom that apparently is just as effective at preventing the transfers of STDs while not compromising pleasure (because that’s the biggest complaint guys have about them).

Here’s Charlie’s new video for the company:

I suppose it’s good that he’s using what celebrity he has left to encourage other people to stop being so fucking stupid about unprotected sex. I can’t believe it’s a conversation we still have to have in 2016, but it is what it is.