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Kaley Cuoco Had The Best Hollywood Prenup Ever

kaley cuoco

Say what you want about Kaley Cuoco‘s decision to marry Ryan Sweeting after, like, two months of dating. It was obvious that it was never going to work out, so no one was really surprised by the divorce because, well, duh. However, homegirl deserves a bit more credit than she’s been given at this point, because she played it smart as hell. While Ryan may have expected to make major bank on the split, Kaley actually had a hardcore prenup in place that basically means he gets chump change (in rich people money) and that’s about it.

From TMZ:

Kaley got hitched in 2013, and months later she reportedly signed a staggering $72 million contract — $1 million an episode for 72 shows. That money is protected under the prenup — it’s all hers.

On top of that, she gets their home in Tarzana and their Santa Barbara area beach house.

Ryan did … not so well. He walks away with a lump sum parting gift of $165,000. She’s also agreed to pay the $195,000 bill for his 2 personal trainers.

Oh, one other thing. He gets to keep whatever cash and gift certificates in his possession. So, dinner at Chili’s?

Um, I LOVE THIS. He gets to keep the gift cards??? I mean, what? Who has gift cards worth mentioning hanging around the house like that? Kaley stays rich, but don’t worry, Ryan – you can have the $12.73 left on that Target gift card that you got when returning that defective vacuum cleaner last year. CLASSIC.

Kaley Cuoco just went up, like, 15 notches in my book.