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Brittany Murphy’s Ghost Shut Down Taryn Manning’s DJ Set

I’ve always thought that the reason Taryn Manning is so perfect for the role of Pennsatucky on Orange is the New Black is because she’s as crazy in real life as the character is on screen. OK, maybe not quite as insane, but certainly a little unhinged. That being said, I really like her, and I especially love that she seriously thought the ghost of her good friend Brittany Murphy was responsible for a sound system shut down during her recent DJ set at an H&M party in Toronto. Because of course she did.

TMZ posted a video of Taryn doing her thing, and when she decided to play Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” and give a shout out to Brittany, who was one of her best friends, suddenly the sound system cut out. Tech issues happen, but Taryn felt like it was a message from the great beyond.

“That was weird,” she said. “Hi Brittany.”

 I love how casual she is about it, too. It doesn’t freak her out, she doesn’t think her reaction is strange, it just… is. She did, however, ask for a moment of silence before pumping up the jams and getting back to the party. Gotta love Taryn Manning (and Brittany Murphy, obviously).