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Are Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom Dating?

I haven’t really been checking for Katy Perry in a while, but last I heard, she was back with John Mayer for the 900th time and things were going well again… for now… but is all of that over now? Has Katy moved on to a relationship with Orlando Bloom? It’s certainly possible! Even if they’re not dating, Orlando at least gave Katy a ride with his son to a birthday party for Robert Downey Jr‘s son over the weekend. What kinda strange ass situation is this?

First of all, why Katy would be going to Robert Downey Jr’s son’s birthday party is beyond me, unless she was going to dress up like a party clown or something (which, no shade, but I wouldn’t put past her). Orlando Bloom has a kid, so it makes sense that their celeb kids are friends. The issue here is Katy and where she fits into things. The only thing that makes sense is that she was going as Orlando’s date, right?

From US Weekly:

According to an insider, Perry, 31, arrived at Bloom’s Los Angeles home first and then the pair drove to Downey’s Malibu abode together, with the “Teenage Dream” singer in the backseat with Flynn, 5.

“Katy was entertaining Flynn so he wouldn’t get bored,” an eyewitness tells Us Weekly. “It was a long drive and she was talking to him and making him laugh.”

Though the pair attended the birthday party — for Downey’s son Exton, who turned 4 — together, they kept their hands to themselves.

“The birthday party had a Jurassic theme and there was a giant obstacle course and balloon maker,” the source says. “Orlando was really focused on Flynn and walking around the party holding his hand. Katy stayed behind them most of the time and let them do their thing.”

It should be noted that US Weekly says they’re a couple, but a casual one. Mmhmmm… Either way, I can’t see this one lasting very long. How about you?