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David Beckham Named ‘People’s Sexiest Man Alive

david beckham sexiest man alive

David Beckham is pretty hot — even I have to admit it, and I’m as gay as the day is long. He’s a nice looking man and has been aging well, so there’s that. But is he hotter than any other guy on the planet? That’s not really for me to decide, but People magazine decided and they say he is. They named Beckham their Sexiest Man Alive for 2015, which I suppose deserves some congratulations?

“It’s a huge honor,” Beckham, 40, tells PEOPLE of scoring our 30th anniversary Sexiest Man crown. “And I’m very pleased to accept.”

Although he’s been a sex symbol for nearly two decades, the self-effacing soccer icon isn’t sure he’s even deserving of the mantle. “I never feel that I’m an attractive, sexy person,” he says in this week’s cover story.

“I mean I like to wear nice clothes and nice suits and look and feel good, but I don’t ever think of myself that way.”

First of all, I love the “tough but tender” sub-hed on the cover. I suppose all the tattoos earns him the “tough” title? Also, I can’t believe anyone ever gives interviews in response to these titles, because they seem like the most awkward thing ever if you’re not totally up your own ass. Beckham has always seemed like a nice guy and he does seem a bit embarrassed by the whole thing, but I have no idea how this “Sexiest Man Alive” competition is even still a thing in 2015.

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