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Justin Bieber & Jennifer Aniston Take A Selfie Together

jennifer aniston justin bieber

If there are two people you wouldn’t generally put together under any circumstances, it would have to be Jennifer Aniston and Justin Bieber. They’re pretty much in entirely different universes, and I think they prefer it that way. However, they came together for a rare selfie this week, which Justin posted on his Instagram account.

Hilariously, Jennifer’s smile looks just about plastered on her face and her eyes are screaming “WHY AM I DOING THIS?” I don’t know what Justin’s face is saying, but he’s a little too young for Rachel Green to have been an adolescent wet dream of his, so whatever.

There was no explanation for where this was taken, but given that Justin has been hanging out at The Ellen DeGeneres Show all week to promote his new album, it’s probably from there.

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