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James Franco Got A Record Deal

james franco

Is there anything James Franco can’t do? I suppose that’s a metaphorical question, given that doing a number of things has no bearing on whether or not you do them very well or not. Either way, James is not just a writer, actor, scholar, and artist, he’s also apparently a musician, and his band Daddy just got some great news: they’ve signed a record deal with Kobalt, which will release their upcoming debut album Let Me Get What I Want.

“We are really excited to partner with Kobalt on our upcoming Daddy album and film,” the band told Billboard. “Kobalt has the right forward-thinking approach to work with a project as unique as ours, where we see our work not only existing within the music realm, but extending into the film, art space and beyond on an independent basis.”

Apparently the band is super inspired by The Smiths, which… I love The Smiths, but come on. We don’t need a remake – they stand alone all on their own. Of course, there’ll be some Franco fans out there that’ll be into this whole thing, but it’s all a little eyeroll-worthy, unfortunately.

Also, how hilariously predictable is it that Franco has been so deeply moved and inspired by The Smiths/Morrissey? I don’t think I’ve ever been less surprised by anything in my life.

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