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Heidi Klum Wins Halloween Again In Jessica Rabbit Costume

heidi klum

I feel like it pretty much goes without saying these days that Heidi Klum is the unchallenged Queen of Halloween. Every year, there’s no question who’s going to come out with the best costume EVER, it’s just a matter of waiting to see what exactly Heidi is going to do. She certainly didn’t let us down for 2015, opting to bring the animated bombshell from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Jessica Rabbit, to life in the best possible way.

She used a spotlight to debut this beauty of a costume at her own Halloween party, which she holds yearly and is always absolutely legendary. She even apparently performed Jessica Rabbit’s musical number from the movie for party guests, which like… come on. SO GOOD. Klum said it took about 10 hours to put the whole look together.

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#heidiHalloween @prorenfx

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I wish every day could be Halloween just so Heidi Klum could put together new costumes, because they’re always so incredible. I can’t wait to see what she puts together next year!

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