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Eminem Prefers To Do His Charity Work In Private


One of the best things a celebrity can do with their money and status is give to those who have less, whether it’s giving their time, cash, support, whatever. However, it seems like a lot of celebs get into helping a particular cause because it’s another opportunity to make themselves look good rather than because it’s the right thing to do and because they care. One person who’s always giving but prefers to keep his philanthropy private is Eminem, according to Howard Hertz, the secretary for his Em Foundation.

From Crain’s Detroit:

Hertz represented the record producer that signed Eminem to a record early in his career and later represented him on some of his personal matters, including the foundation.

Eminem “doesn’t personally believe in publicizing philanthropy,” Hertz said. “His reasons for giving are to help, not to in any way make himself look better.”

For that reason, grants from Eminem and the foundation are typically made under the condition that they be kept private, Hertz said. But other support is made public in the interests of leveraging additional contributions.

The bulk of the Marshall Mathers Foundation’s assets come directly from Eminem, but he also works with other organizations to leverage additional contributions for his causes, which include local human services, at-risk kids and youth programs like Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit.While the foundation’s gifts generally support metro Detroit charities, occasionally out-of-state groups such as the Elton John AIDS Foundation are also awarded grants, given the impact the disease has not only on adults, but also their children, Hertz said.

Between 2011 and 2013, the year of the foundation’s most recent tax return, Eminem contributed $270,000 of the $563,970 in total contributions.

The rapper is personally involved in conversations about which charities should get grants, discussing it with Hertz and the foundation’s other board members: his manager Paul Rosenberg and California accountant Michael Oppenheim, Hertz said.

“In addition to just giving money to organizations, he’s also been weaving efforts within his larger activities as an artist to drive story-telling around the needs of disadvantaged youth in Detroit and also to drive amplified exposure for the Marshall Mathers Foundation’s partners,” he said.

I mean, to be honest, an article like this sorta negates the point, but not really because it’s not Eminem talking about how great he is, it’s one of his partners, and Eminem has been doing this work for years without anyone being the wiser. Good for him for putting his money where his mouth is and giving back. I know he’s had his share of messy experiences, but he does generally strike me as a good dude.

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