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Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale Finalize Divorce

gwen stefani gavin rossdale

Those of us who lived through the ’90s totally ‘shipping Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale got our hearts broken this summer when they announced that they were breaking up after 13 years of marriage. It was incredibly sad, but shit happens, and celebrity marriages making it that long are rare as hell. They got over a decade plus some adorable kids out of it, but it’s over now, and they actually finalized the terms of their divorce this week.

Sources connected with the couple tell us, Gwen and Gavin will get joint custody with their 3 children. We’re told the agreement provides a 50/50 split in physical custody, but we’re told Gavin will actually have the kids for the majority of time because of Gwen’s touring schedule.

As for money, we learned there was no prenup … we’re told Gavin agreed to take far less than his 50% share of the community property. Under California law they’re each entitled to half, but our sources say Gavin took much less  … presumably to reach a quick settlement.

As for stories that Gwen and Gavin were fighting over money, we’re told that was never the case.

Well, at least they’re keeping it civil for the sake of the kids and are both continuing to raise them. The kids should always be the first priority in situations like this, and it seems like they know it.

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