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Kanye West Is Through To The Next Round On ‘American Idol’

american idol

Kanye West might be a fantastic musician and producer, but dear god does he miss the mark on common sense most of the time. Hot off the stupidity of his “games with in-app purchases are evil” rant (because, you know, his wife’s app made $43 million last year from JUST in-app purchases), he’s decided to go out and audition for American Idol, because why not?

He performed an a cappella version of “Gold Digger” and managed to get his ticket through to the next round in Hollywood. Whether or not he’ll actually turn up for it or if he only auditioned for fun (which one would hope is the case), but that’s that.

After his audition, he went and headlined a democratic fundraiser. Big day in Kanye’s life.

"Now we all ain't gonna be American Idols" ?

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Kanye and Kim making a surprise appearance at the American Idol auditions in San Francisco. October 10. (?: @americanidol)

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