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Did Justin Bieber’s Cronies Drug An Australian Model?

justin bieber bailey scarlett

Oh dear, Justin Bieber‘s in trouble again… well, sort of. While in Australia, he decided to hit up a recording studio to make some sweet, sweet music. He invited along some girls, including Australian model Bailey Scarlett, who got settled in right away and poured herself a vodka and lemonade. Only that’s where things went very wrong, because Bailey is now claiming someone drugged her drink when she set it down! She’s not blaming Justin, though – he was one of the people who actually helped her.

From TMZ:

In a social media post, the girl, an Australian model named Bailey Scarlett, says she was invited to the studio in Melbourne, Australia and poured herself a drink of vodka and lemonade. She claims she set the drink down and was chatting with some other girls there.

However, not long after that — Scarlett says she began to feel woozy and her vision became blurred. She says she began to cry and Justin sat down with her to calm her down.

Scarlett says she then went outside after her condition got worse and the police were called.

Law enforcement in tells TMZ, they responded to a call at the location for a woman who “believed her drink had been spiked.” She was then taken to a local hospital and advised to make an official report about the incident. We’re told at this point she has not yet filed a report.

Jimi Wyatt, who owns the recording studio, says they have reviewed footage from the event and claims Bailey’s cup is visible the entire time — he says her drink was never touched. Alex McDonnell, who organized the event, tells TMZ he believes the girl was having a panic attack.

Bailey Scarlett has since made the post private claiming it was for legal reasons.

Hmm, so what do we think happened here? Did she just get way too wasted and freak out, thinking she was drugged because she hadn’t been that drunk before? Did someone actually slip her something? Whatever happened, this is really messed up! Justin should probably stop inviting randoms to his studio sessions (or anywhere else, for that matter).

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