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Is Julia Roberts The Next Celebrity Headed For Divorce?

julia roberts danny moder

Julia Roberts has been married to husband Danny Moder for about 13 years now, and they even have three kids together. They’ve kept their relationship largely out of the spotlight, which is usually a good sign for celebrity couples, but it seems like things may not be going so well. In fact, word on the street is that Julia and Danny are set to become the next big Hollywood divorce. Can it be?!

The rumors have started because there were moving vans outside of Julia and Danny’s house, which prompted speculation that Danny is moving out and therefore their relationship is over. It can’t possibly be that they’re moving house together, or that they’re just getting new furniture!

From Radar Online:

“The marriage is on the rocks,” a source revealed to Radar in November. “There are a lot of issues with money.”

“Julia said she doled out millions of dollars in mortgage payments for [Moder’s father]. She helped him out for at least five years, and she got tired of footing the bill” the insider said.

“It became a bone of contention between her and Danny,” the source admitted.

Who knows what’s going on here (and who cares?), but I suppose like everything else, time will tell.

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