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Justin Bieber Threw A Tantrum On The ‘TODAY’ Show, Of Course

justin bieber

Just when I think Justin Bieber deserves a break, he goes and acts like a smacked ass again and I’m just left shaking my head at this spoiled brat. Come on, man – you’re 21 now, not 15; time to grow the hell up and start living the bullshit ideals you’ve been spouting during your “I’ve changed!” press tour this past year. While performing on the Today show on Thursday morning, Justin was none too pleased with the rain and took his frustration out with the cameraman, who was in his way, apparently.

This meltdown happened on live TV, though Justin likely didn’t realize that the cameras were still rolling and the show hadn’t cut to commercial. Nevertheless, the entitled bullshit is old news, and it’s pretty dumb that he’s acting like he deigns to give the Today show his presence, only for a pesky cameraman – who needs to be there in order to BROADCAST HIS PERFORMANCE, might I remind everyone – to be in his way and interrupt his precious performance.

Now, I realize this wasn’t a complete and total meltdown, but it is really indicative of his overall terrible attitude and sense of entitlement, and that’s the most obnoxious part of the whole thing. Fortunately for him, they cut the tantrum from the West Coast broadcast, but unfortunately for him, the Internet exists.



Yikes. Here’s video of the incident, if you need to hear the BS for yourself:

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