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Tori Spelling Is Suing Benihana Over Third Degree Burns

tori spelling

You may remember that back in April, Tori Spelling was out having lunch with her family at Benihana when she tripped and fell onto one of their broiling hot hibachi grills. She was burned pretty badly and had to be taken to a local hospital for treatment, but she ended up making a recovery. Her wallet hasn’t recovered, however, and now she’s suing Benhana over the fact that she received third degree burns and lost out on a lot of money she would have made “working” while she was recovering.

From TMZ:

Spelling says she was at a Benihana in Encino, CA in April when she slipped and fell … receiving, “deep second and third degree burn injuries.” She reportedly fell onto one of the hibachi grills.

In the lawsuit Spelling says she racked up medical expenses, “general damage” and wage loss … although there’s no mention of where she was employed. She’s suing the Benihana corporation — not just the Encino location.

Huh. I mean, how can you sue a restaurant over getting burned on one of their grills when… it’s a restaurant which you go to in order to grill food on hibachis? I understand it’s a shitty accident and she was really hurt, but come on, is she actually going to get a payout for this?

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