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Justin Bieber Skateboards In Midtown Manhattan, Sucks At It

justin bieber

For some reason, Justin Bieber fancies himself some kind of X-Games champion skateboarder, even though he sucks and nearly eats it every time he gets on the board. Shit happens – he’s rich and famous and he can’t be good at everything, so if he’s content to make a fool of himself in public by trying to skateboard in front of a crowd, then have at it, kid. That’s exactly what he did in midtown Manhattan on Wednesday, and it was laughably bad.

Justin was in town to appear on The Tonight Show, and before he chatted to Jimmy Fallon about why he was crying like a baby at the VMAs, he let a crowd gather as he continually failed hard on even the smallest tricks. Also, I’m not quite sure why his shirt is hanging halfway off or what the point of that is, but maybe that’s just sk8r fashun that I’m not familiar with?

Anyone who actually knows anything about skateboarding want to shed some light on how someone can skateboard for years and still be so terrible at it? It’s truly mind-blowing and I really don’t get it. Bless his obliviousness to just how bad he is, though. He’s got gumption, I’ll give him that! Also, I know I’m getting old, but pull up your damn pants!

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