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Miley Cyrus Goes Undercover To Find Out What People Think Of Her — VIDEO

miley cyrus disguise

It’s no secret that Miley Cyrus has her share of detractors, especially now that she’s gone buckwild and doesn’t give a shit who sees her naked and knows she does drugs, among other things. Miley doesn’t really care, but she and Jimmy Kimmel did think it would be funny to put a disguise on her and send her out into the world to find out what normal people think about Miley. The results were pretty hilarious, I have to admit.

To be honest, the responses she received were actually pretty tame. I know it’s edited and she likely ran into other people, but I also think they probably had to pare it down to people who didn’t actually realize that they were obviously talking to Miley Cyrus herself. I mean, she didn’t look any different! A wig and a pair of glasses is not a very good disguise, that’s for sure.

She did do a pretty good job of being chill/not saying anything snarky when people were saying they don’t really like Miley, but again, no one said anything all that awful. If they disguised her properly and sent her out there, I’m sure the response would have been a lot stronger, that’s for sure.

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