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Jennifer Lawrence Went On Vacation With Amy Schumer & Life Is Good

jennifer lawrence amy schumer

I know Taylor Swift thinks she has this whole “celebrity friendship” thing down pat, but sorry, there’s a new celeb BFF-ship in town and it’s SO MUCH BETTER. Amy Schumer is fucking hilarious, and so is Jennifer Lawrence. Put them together, and what do you get? Uh, only the most random and amazing combo ever. They went on vacation together recently, and a photo Amy posted to her Instagram page made the Internet go crazy. Why wouldn’t it?

Jennifer actually tried hanging out with Taylor once time (there were pics of her leaving Taylor’s apartment a couple of months back), but it seems like JLaw has sense and couldn’t hang, so she rocked over to Amy’s place, and that’s a much better match.

Love this combo, love this friendship. A+

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