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Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Have The Most Depressing Split Ever

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You’ve probably seen the news by now that as Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner‘s split became public, the couple gathered their three kids and headed to the Bahamas for some family time so that they could avoid the onslaught of press that they knew would follow the news. A lot of people were pretty upset that even a 10 year marriage could go awry since they seemed so solid, but things are about to get even more depressing when you see photos of their Bahamas trip and hear the miserable details.

“The family felt it was important to be together and they were together. The family is united and, no matter what, will protect the kids,” a source tells PEOPLE.

Affleck arrived on June 28 at Baker’s Bay, the secluded private resort community in the Abacos where the family owns a home, and Garner arrived on their wedding anniversary a day later. The next day, June 30, they revealed they’re divorcing.

In a moment away from Violet, 9, Seraphina, 6, and Samuel, 3, Affleck – who was still wearing his wedding ring – and Garner sat on stairs to the beach together but had “no physical contact” while having a “serious” and somber conversation that lasted for only a few minutes, an onlooker tells PEOPLE.

Though Affleck, 42, appeared to be “distracted” during the conversation, he and Garner, 43, “seemed to be cordial to each other. They would look at each other and speak and then both look away in silence,” the onlooker adds. “A lot of the time, they seemed to just stare off into space.”

Heh, I do love that People’s cronies can tell all this by a photo taken through a telescopic lens, but whatevs. They’re getting divorced after 10 years! Even if it was a mutual decision, that doesn’t mean it will have been an easy one or one they’re jumping for joy over.

That picture is pretty miserable, though.

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