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Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Hormones Send Her On Insane Twitter Rant

kim kardashian

I know, I know – two stories from this family in a row. Stick with me – it’s nearly over. We all know by now that Kim Kardashian is pregnant with her second child, and that’s all fine and well. But there’s been a lot of chatter online about just how she got pregnant since she was clearly having such a hard time. Many were speculating that she’s actually not pregnant at all but using a surrogate to avoid the terrible pregnancy and weight gain from her first pregnancy. Well, y’all done messed with the WRONG PERSON, because Kim decided to go in on everyone on Twitter, proving that her pregnancy hormones are like, so outta control, guyzzzzz.

Well, I guess that’s that. I guess if you marry Kanye West, you just start talking like you’re a rapper yourself. Sorry, Kim, I’m not buying the hardened thug routine you’re trying to pull off. It’s actually kinda cringeworthy… but uh, nice try?

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