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Jessica Alba May Quit Acting Forever

jessica alba

This may come as a huge shock to you, and I don’t want you to start panicking yet, but guys… Jessica Alba may quit acting altogether. I know some of you may be asking an ever-important question: When did Jessica Alba START acting? I don’t know, either. But I do know she’s constantly thinking of walking away from the biz to be the entrepreneur she was born to be at the Honest Company.

From Hello!:

“It’s tempting to leave acting completely? and focus on my company,” Jessica admitted. “It’s definitely more fulfilling. And when I put my time into it, I feel like I’m doing something that’s productive and there’s a real outcome.? With entertainment, I feel like you’re just throwing stuff against the wall and you don’t know if anyone’s going to see it.”

I guess maybe it’s for the best, given that she’s “so insecure” and all. An insecure person doesn’t need to be in the public eye. Then again, I bet she’d miss doing all those bikini shoots… so what’s a girl to do?

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