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Prince Harry Performs A Traditional Maori Haka – VIDEO

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Does anyone else feel bad for Prince Harry? In terms of the royal family, it’s all “Princess Charlotte” this and “Prince George” that. His older brother has a beautiful wife and is second in line to the throne and Harry gets… nothing, really. Which is all pretty sad since Prince Harry is hot and all he wants is to find a nice lady and probably to be done with all this military service. Sure, he’s serving his country and he’s happy to do it, but he can’t really move on with his life until he’s done.

Anyway, while in New Zealand, Prince Harry visited the Linton Military Camp this week, where he performed a traditional Maori haka (war dance) with some fellow officers. Here’s the scoop from The AP:

He had just 20 minutes to learn the dance before performing it publicly, with his instructor Warrant Officer Brett Pene praising the royal’s efforts.

“Given the time restraints in trying to teach him, it was a bit difficult trying to learn the actions and the words, so I think he did really well,” he told reporters.

“He was sweating, we were sweating, a bit of frustration set in. He was keen, that was the main thing.”

The Maori haka is a traditional challenge, the most famous of which “Ka Mate” is regularly performed by the All Blacks rugby team.

Harry performed the New Zealand’s army’s own haka “Ngati Tumatauenga”, or “Tribe of War”, which honours fallen comrades and past campaigns.

Pene said it was “humbling” to have the prince perform the Army’s haka, given the royal visitor’s own military background which has included two tours of Afghanistan.

Oh, Harry. You can be my king any day! Except not… sexually, as that totally sounded. Anyway, let’s watch him dance, shall we?

What do you think? Would you get with Prince Harry? He’s singleeeee!

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