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Courtney Love Sued By Her Biographer

courtney love

Courtney Love hired biographer Anthony Bozza a while back to pen her life story, which is one hell of a gig to get (and a hell of a story to have to tell). He apparently went through some serious shit to get the scoop, only to be fired without notice… and without pay! Now he’s filed a lawsuit asking for the rest of what he’s owed, which equals about $200,000.

From TMZ:

Anthony Bozza is suing Love, claiming he got paid $100,000 for his work … but their deal calls for him to get paid an additional $200k.

Bozza — who has written with the likes of Slash, Tommy Lee, Tracy Morgan and Artie Lange — claims he incurred $10,000 in expenses … and didn’t receive a dime in reimbursement. He also claims Love would disappear for months at a time, which caused him to deliver the manuscript late.

In the end, Bozza claims he was never officially fired, but says Love texted him that she was “fixing” the book, and she’d already hired a new writer to rework his version.

Bozza is suing for breach of contract and wants the $200k he claims he’s owed, plus interest.

I mean, whatever. He might get it, he might not. Courtney’s probably not phased – this isn’t her first time at the lawsuit rodeo. Not even close. She’s sorta known for fucking people over and not giving a shit what happens afterwards.

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