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Pink Wants You All To Shut Up About Her Weight


Pink is awesome in every way. She writes great pop music, she’s an incredibly talented acrobat (seriously – have you SEEN her live shows?), she’s got a great personality and she’s outspoken about all the right things. She’s proud of her body and always has been. It’s strong, it carries her around and does lots of amazing things like all the aerial tricks she does and raising her daughter, etc. Some anonymous assholes on the internet had shit to say about that body this week, though, after pictures were published from a cancer benefit she attended.

Here’s how she responded:

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 7.51.24 pm

Love it so much! She also posted the following tweets:

Basically, anyone who thinks that’s fat needs their head checked. Also, anyone who thinks that it’s worth making fun of anyone who IS actually fat needs to get a grip. I’d rather be fat than a total dickhead.

Love you, Pink!

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