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Maisie Williams promises “massive changes” for ‘Game of Thrones’ season 5

arya stark

I have to admit, I always meant to get into Game of Thrones but it just never really happened. I think I watched part of the very first episode but it was a bit slow for me and for some reason or another, I never went back to it. I should, I know. The show’s fifth season is nearly upon us, and to get everyone excited for what’s to come, Maisie Williams has teased that there will be “massive changes” ahead – and not just for Arya Stark.

From Express:

The 17-year-old commented: “When I say there’s a massive change in Game of Thrones, I think it’s the first time I’ve actually meant it.

“People are going to think, ‘You go through a change every year.’ But this year it’s on a completely different level – it’s so exciting. It sounds so broad, but actually ‘change’ is really, really specific.”

I can’t even speculate on what this could be since I don’t watch the show, but HBO Now just launched, so I think I might be in luck…

In any case, does this excite you? Do you have any idea what the change could be? Am I the only person who’s never watched GOT?

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