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Is Justin Bieber a changed man(child)?

justin bieber

Justin Bieber is one of the most notorious menaces to society in that he’s an utter dickbag with no sense of common decency or decorum and no idea about what it means to face consequences for his actions. He’s a joke, really – a literal joke, considering he’s about to be roasted by Comedy Central, apparently at his own request. It turns out, this roast might be a turning point for our pal Bieber, who is said to have been actually behaving himself pretty well over the past couple of months.

TMZ first reported … Justin himself asked to be roasted to celebrate his 21st birthday. We’re told he views it as a form of therapy … acknowledging hijinks from DUIs to pissing in kitchen buckets.

But here’s the thing … Justin definitely seems to have changed over the last 4 months. People around L.A. tell us he’s polite again, respectful and extremely generous. He went to Mozza in L.A. Sunday night but the restaurant was full. Two guys saw him and gladly moved to the bar so he could have a table. We’re told Justin walked up to thank them and then bought their dinner.

And Justin was in line at a restaurant a few days back and randomly bought a meal for some people behind him.

People who have regular contact with Bieber tell us they’ve seen a radical change. As one put it, “The person I knew is back.”

As for why the roast will be therapy … we’re told Justin thinks the evening will end the chapter of his life where he messed up. He’ll take his lumps, and then move on as a real adult.

I’m a bit too skeptical to believe that he’s actually got his shit together. He still LOOKS like too much of a toolbox to be taken seriously, and I don’t think staying out of trouble for 3 months means you’re suddenly a reformed character. Then there’s the fact that he’s marking the end of his dickhead era with… a celebration of himself. Instead of doing something massively worthwhile – say, something for charity that he actually takes part in instead of just throwing money at – he’s going to sit around and listen to people tell jokes about him. Well done, Justin. Truly selfless act.

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