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Shia LaBeouf is totally okay now that he’s been to jail

shia labeouf ellen degeneres

I know I said Shia LaBeouf probably threw that smoke bomb into Bar Pitti over the weekend, but according to an appearance he made on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that aired on Friday, he’s totally fine now! He just had a few small “hiccups” and now he’s back to his old self (via Huffington Post):

“I went through like an existential crisis … I had some hiccups, some judgement errors,” LaBeouf said.

After recalling the “Nymphomaniac” premiere — where LaBeouf wore a paper bag over his head reading “I am not famous anymore” — and his #IAMSORRY exhibit, where he invited people to read mean tweets about him and even use an “Indiana Jones whip” or pliers on him, the actor explained that he has something in common with the cyber bullies who sought a reaction from him.

“I got in this [entertainment] industry because I had this void. I’m a kid of abandonment and I thought somehow being a good actor would fill that void. I think we suffer from the same thing, which is just a lack of attention and love,” he said.

The star told DeGeneres that his 24-hour stint in jail is what eventually snapped him out of his behavior, and apologized for spitting on a cop, which triggered his arrest.

Huh. Well, a night or two in jail will make anyone contemplate their life choices, I suppose, but I don’t for one second think that’s the end of Shia’s craziness – especially considering I think much of it is rooted in mental illness, which can’t just be switched off whenever you feel like it. I do feel sorta bad for him after reading that, though – he obviously has some amount of cognizance about what’s going on with himself. Huh, go figure.

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