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Amanda Bynes twerks on her bodyguard, strips in public

amanda bynes bodyguard

Another day, another “please get Amanda Bynes out of New York City for the good of us all” story. We already know she’s been spending her spare time shoplifting, but now there’s video of her in the Upper East Side boutique Pookie & Sebastian (you’re so weird with naming things, rich people) and it’s… bizarre, to say the least. In the vid, she strips down to her bra in the middle of the shop AND twerks on her bodyguard.

From the NY Daily News:

Well, that was… interesting. What the hell is wrong with her “friends” and the people who care about her? I know she’s an adult and there’s only so much they can do, but really? Why does it seem like no one’s doing anything at all?!

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