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Britney Spears wears lingerie to bed all by herself

britney spears

Britney Spears recently kicked cheating boyfriend David Lucado to the curb, and thank goodness for that. She’s totally stoked on being single, and BritBrit doesn’t need a man to have an excuse to get sexy with herself on the daily.

From People:

“I think with our world, [dressing up in lingerie for a man] is probably culturally what you’re expected to do. But normally, I wear it alone in bed, with myself, and I’m happy,” Spears says. “It’s empowering for a girl to do that alone!”

Oh, snap. Get it, Brit! I don’t particularly find lingerie comfortable and prefer an oversized t-shirt myself, but to each her own! Also, in case you’re interested in hooking up with Britney in the near future, here’s what she looks for in a man:

“I like a guy to be just really sweet,” Spears adds. “Really sweet and to make me laugh: Those are the two main things that are important to being with someone.”

Is it just me, or is “really sweet” such a vague quality she’s looking for? I feel like Britney is always saying something is “sweet” to the point where I don’t really know what it means anymore. Someone thoughtful? Romantic? I suppose all of those go under the “sweet” heading. Also, I have no idea why I’m thinking about this so much. I’ll show myself out.

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