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Robin Thicke is partying a little too hard, according to police

robin thicke

Robin Thicke has finally given up on his marriage to Paula Patton after sticking his dick in one too many women for her liking. Now, in the aftermath of the realization of what a prick he is, he’s really learned his lesson and is getting his life together… NOT. He’s actually getting way too drunk and playing music so loudly that the police had to be called to his house.

From TMZ:

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … the LAPD was called to Thicke’s home in the Hollywood Hills late Monday night, into Tuesday morning, after neighbors complained about loud music.

We’re told Thicke appeared to be drunk — no big deal since he was partying at home — but also had a “total disregard” for the cops. After agreeing to lower the volume, we’re told Robin cranked it up again once the officers walked away. So they wrote him up for loud music.

A source close to Robin tells us he actually apologized to police.

We’re told this was the 2nd night within the last week police went to Robin’s house for noise complaints. such ticket in the last week.

I suppose we’re all meant to feel bad for poor Robin, who’s obviously spiraling and out of control. What a poor, pitiful, sad little man. He’s all alone! His wife left him! Whatever will he do? Who knows, who cares? Not me. Instead of using this experience and getting his life together, I have a feeling he’ll instead use it to become even more of an asshole and set a super excellent example for his kid.

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