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Farrah Abraham doesn’t mind if her daughter does a sex tape

farrah abraham

It’s not really shocking in any way, shape or form that Farrah Abraham is possibly one of the worst mothers on planet earth. She’s immature, self-involved, has no self-respect and is a money-hungry woman who will degrade herself and everyone around her for cash. That’s no shade against sex workers, but I think we can all agree that Farrah has no dignity.

That being said, I don’t think anyone will be surprised to know that when asked how she’d feel about her 4-year-old daughter Sophia making her own sex tape one day, she wouldn’t be all that bothered.

From Celebuzz:

“She probably won’t be saying that, she’ll be like ‘I HAD to try it,’ and then I’ll be like ‘oh, you already did it, so I’m just going to say make sure you know what you’re doing with it,’ because, you know, I’ll be like ‘this is what happened to me as your mom.’ It’s like mommy talk. It’s the birds and the bees, and so you just share ‘look, I learned this from it, I hope you don’t do that, read ‘Celebrity Sex Tape,’ learn some lessons from Fallon Opal,’ but that’s really all I can say.”

Then, she also wanted us to know how different she is from Kim Kardashian and Jenna Jameson:

“I have a different future for myself, and I think, you know, there’s a Kim Kardashian, there’s a Farrah Abraham, there’s a Jenna Jameson,” she explained.  “We all have our own past.  And however we get there–from the TV shows we go on to our life experiences–it’s how we live it, and I think each of us is doing it in the right way for where we want to be.”

LOL, okay. Whatever to this delusional idiot.