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Brad Pitt got punched in the face by a stranger

angelina jolie brad pitt

In what must be the 2014 equivalent of Fabio getting smacked in the face with that bird while riding a roller coaster, poor Brad Pitt was jumped by some random dude at the LA premiere of Angelina Jolie‘s Maleficent. Someone wanted to destroy his beautiful face at all costs! HOW COULD THEY?!

Basically, some guy named Vitalii Sediuk jumped the fence while Brad was on the red carpet and ran over to him and started swinging. He made contact with Brad’s face before police stepped in and arrested Sediuk and he’s being charged with misdemeanor battery. This isn’t new for him, either – Sediuk is the one who got slapped for trying to kiss Will Smith, got arrested for crashing the Grammys and most recently, assaulted America Ferrera.

Why exactly is this asshole given credentials for any of these events given his history?

Anyhow, here’s US Weekly‘s extra tidbit on the happenings:

An eye witness tells US when Pitt left the premiere, “he did seem a little tense” and was “trying to shepherd his kids through the lobby and towards the back door,” adding Pitt, “was like ‘Keep tight. Stay together.'”

People seriously need to cool their jets, and this Sediuk asshole needs to be banned… like, from everything.

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