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Sandra Bullock gives good hugs

sandra bullock

Sandra Bullock is awesome for plenty of reasons, but turns out, she’s also a great friend to those who know her. She’s always there for people she cares about, and apparently believes in giving really great hugs, according to a talk she gave at Warren Easton Charter High School in New Orleans on Monday. Sandy has been a big supporter of the school since Hurricane Katrina, and she surprised graduates there on Monday with a lovely speech.

“When someone who cares about you hugs you? Hug them back with two arms. Don’t do the one-armed hug, because when you hug with two arms, it allows you to lean on somebody, and we always need somebody to lean on. If someone doesn’t want to play with you, it’s okay. Not everyone is going to love us, go find somebody who does want to play with you, and appreciates what you have to offer.”

Aw, man. Love her! You can watch more of Sandra’s speech below:

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