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George Clooney is going to become Mr. Alamuddin

george clooney amal alamuddin

George Clooney finally found a woman worth committing to in fiancé Amal Alamuddin, a British-Lebanese lawyer, author and activist. She’s pretty amazing with plenty of her own accomplishments under her belt (accomplishments which, some might say, are far more admirable than George’s). For that reason, her father believes that once Amal marries George, he’ll have to fall in line and become Mrs. Alamuddin because she’s the real star of the show.

From Radar Online:

But after getting to know the movie star, the insider reveals, “Amal’s father Ramzi approves of George wholeheartedly. He clearly has the brains to go with his beauty, and he’s working hard to prove to them that he deserves a place in their respected family.”

At the same time, “Ramzi is not very fond of all the fuss and media attention,” the source says. “But they are actually happy that the media is recognizing Amal’s accomplishments.”

“Her father couldn’t be prouder of her and is beyond thrilled that the world now knows her name and what she has done,” the source says. “He jokes that George will become known as Mr. Alamuddin instead of Amal being known as Mrs. Clooney!”

And for the first time, Clooney, 53, seems content to share the spotlight with a worthy partner.

Amal, 36, “is not a gold digger,” the source insists. “She has her own money and things going on, and George has told people that’s why he knows he can trust her and wants to be with her. She isn’t going to be arranging paparazzi photos like some of his past girlfriends have done.”

To be completely honest, I’d heard of Amal before but wasn’t familiar with what she’s actually done in her life and career, but after reading, I was like, “Damn, girl!” She speaks three languages, she’s represented some really high profile clients, she specializes in international law, human rights, criminal law and extradition… she’s just bomb. No wonder George finally wants to settle down!

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