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Farrah Abraham’s erotic “fiction” was “therapeutic” to write

farrah abraham

Farrah Abraham is coming out with some thinly veiled erotic fiction about her experience in the porn industry, and while Vivid Entertainment – the company responsible for putting out both of her pornos – would like to stifle her creative energy, she’s fighting back.

You see, Farrah has just been through so many difficult things in life, and it was writing this book that really allowed her to feel a release (not that kind of release, perverts) and actually, the experience ended up being quite therapeutic!

“I think because of the experiences I went through, and I think some of them were unfair, and I guess judged incorrectly from the public when I was going through some things with my sex tape,” she told Us Weekly in a recent interview. “I think it was the catalyst for me to start writing therapeutically, and then I was thinking of fictional characters so I could kind of get out of my head and this came about.”

LOL, okay. First of all, Farrah Abraham never lifted a finger to write a single word and we all know it. Second of all, she hasn’t been through shit – she sought out porn because she was desperate for attention and money and this was an easy way to get them both.

I just don’t even have words for this idiot anymore.

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