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Michael Lohan got beat up by his drunk-driving girlfriend

michael lohan kate major

I suppose since Lindsay Lohan is back in the news with her new reality show, her father, Michael Lohan, also wants a piece of the action, even if his “news” isn’t particularly positive. This time, he seems to have got beat up by girlfriend Kate Major, who was eventually arrested for a DUI. Well, there’s something!

From TMZ:

Michael claims they were in a nasty argument at their home in FL when she hit him multiple times in the face.

We’re told Lohan called 911, and just as cops arrived … Kate was fleeing in her car.

She didn’t get far — according to law enforcement, Kate crashed into some bushes near the house … and was busted for allegedly driving intoxicated.

We’re told she’s still in custody, and getting booked for DUI … and possibly domestic battery.

Wow, they sound like such a wonderful couple. I mean, what is ACTUALLY wrong with this entire family? Dina is no better, and we KNOW having parents like that has ruined Lindsay.

Don’t forget, just last month, Kate Major locked herself in a room and called police saying that Michael had a knife and was trying to bust down the door. Good lord. SMH at these people. Get it together and get off the damn drugs.

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