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Video: We’ve got new ‘Divergent’ clips!


At this point, we’re going to have seen the entire film of Divergent before it even makes it to theatres with the number of “clips” they’ve been releasing prior to its release. It looks great, I have to admit – and it certainly helps that Ellie Goulding is featured strongly through an otherwise still pretty great soundtrack (music sets the mood, okay?!), too.

In the first clip, we get to see a bit of Kate Winslet as Erudite leader Jeanine Matthews, and it’s kinda bugging me out. It’s so odd to see her play a role like this, but somehow it works. I’m also coming around to Shailene Woodley in general, which is helpful considering she’s the star of this franchise, I suppose…

The second clip shows us some interaction with Tris and Four, which no doubt will be spun into some incredible love story that overtakes the entire message of the series, which is really more about Tris’ bravery and this fucked up world they live in, but you know how movies go.

I’m looking forward to seeing the full thing, I must admit. It’ll be out on March 21.

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