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Macaulay Culkin’s Band Is Kind Of Amazing



Macaulay Culkin has a band, and if there’s an award for most hipster band with a sense of humor, this wins it. The band is called The Pizza Underground, and it’s a sort of tribute band for Lou Reed‘s The Velvet Underground (RIP, Lou Reed. Hope you would have enjoyed this). Tracks include:

  • “I’m Waiting for Delivery Man” (spoofing “I’m Waiting For The Man”).
  • “All The Pizza Parties” (“All Tomorrow’s Parties”).
  • “Cheese Days” (“These Days”).
  • “Papa John Says” (“Stephanie Says”).
  • “Take a Bite of the Wild Slice” (spoofing Reed’s solo hit, “Take A Walk On The Wild Side”).

Culkin joins musicians Matt Colbourn, Phoebe Kreutz, Deenah Vollmer and Austin Kilham. Culkin does percussion/kazoo/vocals and has a kazoo solo on “Take A Bite of the Wild Slice.” Give their band a listen:

All I know is that now I really want pizza.

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